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archives/players/l r birmingham citys ted purdon roy warhurst
(L-R) Birmingham City's Ted Purdon and Roy Warhurst
#media dmcs-5411303
archives/players/arthur atkins birmingham city
Arthur Atkins, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411360
archives/players/trevor smith birmingham city
Trevor Smith, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411396
archives/players/robert laing birmingham city
Robert Laing, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411552
archives/players/archie garrett birmingham city
Archie Garrett, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411546
archives/players/frank mitchell birmingham city
Frank Mitchell, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411543
archives/players/ted duckhouse birmingham city
Ted Duckhouse, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411540
archives/players/martin mcdonnell birmingham city
Martin McDonnell, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411507
archives/players/bradbury birmingham city
Bill Bradbury, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411492
archives/players/jack badham birmingham city
Jack Badham, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411474
archives/players/alex govan birmingham city
Alex Govan, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411426
archives/players/james dailey birmingham city
James Dailey, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411351
archives/players/cyril trigg birmingham city
Cyril Trigg, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411312
archives/players/tommy capel birmingham city
Tommy Capel, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411498
archives/players/jeff hall birmingham city
Jeff Hall, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411444
archives/players/edwin eddy brown birmingham city
Edwin "Eddy" Brown, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411558
archives/players/neil dougall birmingham city
Neil Dougall, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411480
archives/players/fred harris birmingham city
Fred Harris, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411441
archives/players/gil merrick birmingham city goalkeeper
Gil Merrick, Birmingham City goalkeeper
#media dmcs-5411420
archives/players/bobby brennan birmingham city
Bobby Brennan, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411387
archives/players/gordon astall birmingham city
Gordon Astall, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411372
archives/players/ray ferris birmingham city
Ray Ferris, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411321
archives/players/jackie stewart birmingham city
Jackie Stewart, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411309
archives/players/ken green birmingham city
Ken Green, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411306
archives/players/roy warhurst birmingham city
Roy Warhurst, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411300
archives/players/ernie curtis birmingham city
Ernie Curtis, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411555
archives/players/john berry birmingham city
John Berry, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411432
archives/players/don dorman birmingham city
Don Dorman, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411324
archives/players/ted purdon birmingham city
Ted Purdon, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411297
archives/players/harold bodle birmingham city
Harold Bodle, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411549
archives/players/l r martin mcdonnell tommy capel birmingham
(L-R) Martin McDonnell and Tommy Capel, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411519
archives/players/fred harris birmingham city
Fred Harris, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411465
archives/players/george edwards birmingham city
George Edwards, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411408
archives/players/l r don dorman ray ferris birmingham city
(L-R) Don Dorman and Ray Ferris, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411333
archives/players/l r don dorman cyril trigg birmingham city
(L-R) Don Dorman and Cyril Trigg, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411318
archives/players/don dorman birmingham city
Don Dorman, Birmingham City
#media dmcs-5411315